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    Golf Instruction

    Dean uses the latest technologies in all facets of the game to achieve the desired outcomes including 3D motion capture technology, SAM Puttlab, Trackman and Dartfish video software. His philosophy in uncompromising quality in every aspect as well as measuring outcomes and improvement.

    “ What gets measured, is what gets done”

    Psychology & Emotional Intelligence

    Everyone agrees that Golf is 90% mental but most have no idea how to train it. It is a skill like everything else. Mat Howe and Matti Clements are experts in their field and can ensure performance and well-being outcomes from their training.

    Many AFL clubs are now using Emotional Intelligence profiling for their Talent ID and draft picks!

    It is that important.


    The Team at Precision Athletica are world leaders in body function and mobility and can ensure you will able to enjoy your golf injury free while maximising your performance. They use state of the art equipment and training methods.


    As we perform physical tasks as simple as walking or as complicated as the golf swing, muscles within the body create force and tension across joints in a coordinated fashion to produce the desired movement. Biomechanics ultimately allows us to increase performance while at the same time decrease injury potential.

    Strength & Conditioning

    Physical conditioning will increase the distance of your shots, reduce your score, and eliminate the nagging injuries associated with playing “too much” golf.


    Nutrition is especially important for athletes in any sport where consecutive days of play are part of the competition.  Golf certainly fits that description and requires maximum levels of fitness, endurance, focus and recovery.